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Hollywood Stunt Falls in Slow Motion Опубликовано: 24 янв 2018 Ever wanted to look like a cool Hollywood stunt person? Well, so so Dan and Gavin. So they enlisted the help of Actor Dylan Sprouse and stunt coordinator Kyle Weishaar to help them fall from great heights and hopefully live to tell about it. Fall into The Super Slow Show, only on RUclip. +6019 To avoid any confusion, this isn’t a RUclip Red show. It’s an ad supported show that is free to watch for everyone. It’s also an unscripted show. We have discussions about what we want to say before we roll and then just spout it off in front of camera. It’s pretty loose. Just like all previous videos on the channel. Hope you guys enjoy it! - Gav Abdullah Jimmy 5 часов назад The Slow Mo Guys I love you guys Alan C 9 часов назад So happy to see you guys aren't money whores!! Kevyn Anthonipillai 9 часов назад The Slow Mo Guys dis ting is mad MrVato11 21 час назад jonny lomj Минуту назад "My Mother was a horse, and my father was Fabio." BlaReagy 22 минуты назад DerpyBobo 25 минут назад Are the spouse twins not the hottest ppl evvvveeerrrr♥️ pulak dah 48 минут назад Try the bollywood's stunt..haha BigDave_Gooner 59 минут назад I just don't get how this needs to be in slow motion 🤔🤔 Luca Fiorenzza Час назад ItsYaBoiMase Час назад George Shiepe Час назад Irish Metalhead Час назад George Shiepe Час назад TANGYBER Час назад Monai Henson Час назад Wilbur Jaywright Час назад that random phandom kid Час назад +1 I really want to meet him at some point The Uglyburrito 2 часа назад The Suite life of Zack and Cody anyone? Steven The God MC 2 часа назад Why did I have the Zack and Cody theme stuck in my head the whole video hmmmm oh well Francis York Morgan 2 часа назад DAN GOT A NEW COAT The Elaine Show 3 часа назад Wait... but isn’t that terrifying Kcim 3 часа назад PixelPeakHQ 3 часа назад DYLAN 😍😍😍 Is Sprouse a time traveler from the 80's? 2020wiss 4 часа назад HydrAquas 4 часа назад 11slain 4 часа назад Guys , your videos are very good always ! But these last series : UAU ! You are stepping up the production level and they are amazing ! I would pay to see these videos so that you can keep doing this . Well done ! Angel -_- 4 часа назад I wanna see Dylan wearing that coat in some sci-fi movie... (I mean even if he just walks by in the background) Winston Hartle 4 часа назад this is really disappointing...all the charm and personality is gone, boring slow motion, cheesy music...everything that made this channel great is absent, it makes me sad ☹️ Toxic - CSGO 4 часа назад 5:41 they look like the pokemon go team leaders... Trevor Merrill 4 часа назад I love how you guys are basically the new Mythbusters, but instead of testing myths, you just shove each other off buildings and through glass and stuff lol. Ken Symns 5 часов назад Umm....Dan’s new coat? You know he looks like he's from Zack and cody Juliankrieger 5 часов назад gunnersiNZ 6 часов назад Prasoon Singh 6 часов назад "They're gonna have to find two new hosts." SAVAGE! Ryan J 6 часов назад Zack! Aaron G. Randall 7 часов назад Reminds me of when I was a kid and my friends and I made a make shift jumping platform. We we not so smart to be safe, but we never broke anything :P Highborn Gaming and vlogs 7 часов назад I thought the guy with long hair was a girl Just Smile Час назад +1 twothreebravo 7 часов назад AyadKK 7 часов назад me me 7 часов назад he looks like Zack or cody from sweet life on deck Tom Holmez 8 часов назад So this is no youtube red but it is a big budget production?? Where does the funding come from? Cengokill 8 часов назад Kebos Tv 8 часов назад I swear to God I’ve been waiting to see Dylan sprouse on tv or any video again Канал 002 8 часов назад Я подумала что ето девка Khaleege Watts 8 часов назад Am I the only one notice that Dylan Sprouse look like Zack & Cody from Suite Life Of Zack & Cody? Jean Baron 8 часов назад +1 Val Hopkins 8 часов назад "This isn't Harry Potter. It's a lab coat, not a cloke." LOL Draggon Reaper 8 часов назад I'm glad they put in "part #" in the titles, other wise I would have never known that there were 2 of these episodes I was never notified of. strange lee 8 часов назад Where was the stuntman's lab coat? Goof Trooper 8 часов назад If you watch RUclip on PC you should put a Slow Mo Guys slow Mo video in slow Mo it's twice as slow it's so cool Shannon Stringer 8 часов назад “I’ve definitely fallen from grace” 😂 Bushra AAJ 8 часов назад WAIT DYLAN SPROUSE! Is that Zack or Cody? Just Smile Час назад Kris A 9 часов назад Gav, Dan,. could you fire a Samsung S8 (or S9) at an Apple iPhone X at a gazzillion miles per hour and record it in super duper slo-mo? MargaritaMolly 9 часов назад msalis1 9 часов назад GraysonScottVlogs 9 часов назад James At 11 часов назад Haven't we already seen stuff like this in the movies? What I'm looking for in a Slo Mo Guys video is something that moves too fast to show much detail in real time slowed down to see every detail. CJ 11 часов назад Did Dylan not wanna say that he was the star of Sweet Life of Zac and Cody pxlbltz 11 часов назад timyac 12 часов назад zynbw 12 часов назад Abomination Aleks 12 часов назад Where has dan's neck gone? Gabriel Oliveira 13 часов назад With that red border I thought I've already watched this. TurboT1 14 часов назад Cup o' Joe 15 часов назад "My mother was a horse and my father was Fabio"😀 Olaf Nikkel 15 часов назад +1 Adam Shafiq 16 часов назад Wow! Didn't know Dylan Sprouse is in this video?! Cерёга 75 RUS 16 часов назад +1

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